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Rosemor Welcomes You

Established in 1985 Rosemor International Ltd specialises in the manufacturing and supply of precision-engineered escalator cleaning equipment and provides second to none industry expertise in the cleaning equipment market. Rosemor International is committed to offering its customers industry-leading products and systems supported with expert advice and service. View our new address

Rotomac ET15B

The only automated cleaning machine in the world that simultaneously deep - cleans and dries steps and risers in situ, leaving escalators ready for immediate use. For 40 years, escalator steps had to be removed from escalators in order to clean them. That has now changed.

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The T10 and T10I deep cleans in minutes with no operator! At last a travelator / escalator cleaning machine that deep cleans in only minutes. The T10 deep cleans and dries travelator or escalator steps to a dazzling refurbished appearance, simply attaching onto the Rotomac ET15B, using its tanks and power supply.

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Multi-Surface Cleaning Machine - Rotoclean


The powerful, portable and user friendly multi - surface cleaning machine can be fitted with a variety of rotating brushes or pads - ideal for tackling those inaccessible areas. Extensively used by major cleaning contractors, government departments, and large public and private companies. Read More >


At last, built to last, the robust polished stainless steel Rotojet range outshines the rest. Already in widespread use by the Royal Mail, BT Ford and other nationals, multi-nationals and public bodies this hot/cold high-pressure cleaner exceeds the most exacting standards. Read More >

Super Rotojet

The Super Rotojet is a trailer mounted hot pressure washing system that offers many different applications and sectors a truly versatile, multi- purpose cleaning machine! Read More >




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